eGG eyewear is having the first crossover with Japanese anime --  <One Piece> now!

Calling all <One Piece> fans!

Total of 8 collections eyewear for all <One Piece> fans!

   4 characters of <One Piece> as the core design: Luffy, Chopper, Zoro & Sanji.

  More than 30 styles in the collection.

  Trendy eGG frame merged with <One Piece> elements such as colours, badges, and pirate flags.


Get your eGG X <One Piece> frame now and brings home with premium gift!

   <One Piece> WANTED eyewear cloth.

  <One Piece> themed packaging box and case.

   <One Piece> limited editions tote bag.


Can't wait to have them all!?!

Visit to OPTICAL 88 (except JPO branch) today to have your favourite pairs of eGG l <One Piece> collection and grab all these exclusive gift!


Let's be a Pirate King!!!


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