Adventure begins!

eGG | Gundam collection is launching now!

10 collections of frame inspired by 2 Gundam series — Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny now available at all OPTICAL 88.

Get your eGG l Gundam frame now and brings home with exclusive premium gift!

⭐Gundam glasses holder

⭐Gundam eyewear case

⭐Gundam metal case

⭐Gundam eyewear cloth 

Visit to your nearest OPTICAL 88 today to have your favourite pairs of eGG l Gundam collection. 


*While stock last.

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Gundam SEED Collections:

FB Gundam Seed-10
Official Launch-Seed-en-06
Official Launch-Seed-en-05
FB Gundam Seed-08FB Gundam Seed-09Official Launch-Seed-en-04

Gundam SEED DESTINY Collections:

FB Gundam Seed Destiny-10
one piece collection fb posting-01one piece collection fb posting-02one piece collection fb posting-03one piece collection fb posting-04
FB Gundam Seed Destiny-08

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